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When was the last time you were really happy? Perhaps, you are working hard, but it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. You could be struggling with Stress and Anxiety or you are experiencing burn-out. You can find calm in chaos and achieve Personal Excellence.

Helping you unlock your confidence and step into your power to create a life you love.

About Mallika Rao

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An Award-Winning Life Coach, Keynote speaker, Lifestyle Mentor, Mindfulness Teacher & a Philanthropist, Mallika brings over 16 yrs of learning & experience in holistic wellness.

Named as “Women of Excellence” by the Indian Achievers Awards and recognized as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Mallika actively promotes Mindfulness and Meditation for Mental and Emotional health. 

A fascinating blend of ancient eastern wisdom and modern western science, her signature coaching program has helped 100s of Professionals and Entrepreneurs to step-up their game and live their best life.

Together with her Coaching, Keynotes, and workshops, Mallika has helped thousands of people find calm, clarity, and confidence.

Mallika has taught and Spoken at

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Find clarity, define your vision, create efficient strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals through one to one coaching. Claim your life, take action & make the change.

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From custom made workshops for Corporates to keynote speaking at conferences, learn how Mallika can bring her knowledge and wisdom to your organisation or event.

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Immerse yourself in nature, learn Mindful practices that would help you become focused, Peaceful and
productive. Unwind, recharge and reconnect to get better at life.

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Success Stories

Neenu Marwah

Neenu Marwah

Teacher, Oakridge International School

Mallika exudes positivity and is a very approachable person. She is a thorough professional who makes her client feel at ease and thus makes it possible to pour one’s heart out to her. She not just hears you, she listens. Her empathy comforts you and positive approach to life leads you to happiness.



Managing partner at Sreshta Gruha Builders

Mallika can change lives! I appreciate the way she simplifies most complex of the problems and helps to have clarity of thought. I certainly recommend her Coaching Interventions for anyone who wants perfect clarity, simplified methods and sustained results in achieving life goals.

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