Finding Calm in Chaos


Release anxiety & manifest your goals with CALM, CLARITY & CONFIDENCE


Because when your mind is calm, everything becomes clear.

Healing Anxiety & Burnout
Overcome Procrastination
Experience Peace & Happiness
Find Emotional Balance
Improve Focus & 2X your Productivity

Are you tired of constantly battling anxiety and burnout? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos of life, struggling to find a moment of peace? 

I have got the solution for you.

Picture this:  You start your day with a calm mind, centered and focused.

As the demands of the day arise, you respond with clarity. You are able to better manage your time and energy.

You bring this sense of balance and confidence when dealing with people creating supportive environments that leads to success.

You experience inner peace that radiates into every aspect of your life – your relationships, your career, and your overall well-being.

Is this your vision of success?

Welcome to “Finding Calm in Chaos,” a transformative 6-week program designed to help you release anxiety, find inner peace, and supercharge your productivity. Imagine a life where you can navigate the challenges with ease, maintain a calm mind amidst the chaos, and achieve remarkable success in all areas of your life.

In this program, we combine powerful mindfulness practices, soothing meditation techniques, and the incredible healing power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

We will work together to take you on a journey of self-discovery, equipping you with practical tools to overcome stress, overwhelm, and burnout.








Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and get ready to discover the profound impact of mindfulness and holistic healing in your life. 

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If you are going through Stress or struggling with Anxiety and Fear about the future, you are not alone.

Over 90% of the population is grappling with this issue.

Stress shuts down your Immune System which makes you prone to health issues like headaches/Migraines/body pains, heart ailments, digestion issues and even Lifestyle diseases.

As per a Harvard research 70% of all doctor visits are due to Stress. 

In order for you to experience Health, Inner Peace & Joy, you need to eliminate Stress. 

“Finding Calm in Chaos” is my signature Mindfulness program that has been designed for busy professionals to reduce stress, anxiety and overcome burnout. 

I will teach you simple, yet powerful zen practices that will help you improve focus and achieve work-life balance. 

It is possible to heal every area of your life, let me show you how

A powerful Mindfulness program to help you find

Calm, Clarity & Confidence


6 Weeks


Weekly 1:1 sessions
Everybody has goals and if you work hard enough you will achieve them eventually. Point is whether you choose to achieve your goals with stress, anxiety and burnout


Calm, Clarity & Confidence

When you are calm, everything becomes clear. It’s easier to achieve your goals faster and efficiently.

Benefits for participants

What “Wellness Circle” does for you, is combat “Stress” with powerful Meditation and Mindfulness practices.
You will also have a support group of 10 other members who is part of the Circle of Healing just like you.
“The power of intention multiply depending on how many people are thinking the same thought at the same time.”
– Lynn Mctaggart

About Mallika Rao

“ Namaskaram!

I am Mallika, a Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
and a Spirit Junkie. I am committed to your Personal Excellence”

“ Namaskaram!

I am Mallika, a Life Coach, Mindfulness & EFT Practitioner, committed to your Inner Peace & Happiness.


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Tomasz Walczak

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Mr.MC Muthaiah

Meditation Testimonial by
Amrutha Godavarthi

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Sirisha Gondi


Will I get Recordings of these sessions?

In order to protect the privacy of the participants, the sessions are not be recorded. However, you will receive audio files of guided meditations and processes used in the session for you to practice on your own time.

I’m a busy person. How much time I may i have to spend per day?

We respect your time and hence created powerful practices that will need just 20mins/per day to practice. This will make the rest of the 23hrs and 40mins peaceful and productive. 🙂

What type of Healing will I get?

We use Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation techniques. We have designed a Unique meditation inspired from the teachings of Master Choa Kuk Sui, Dr. Joe Dispenza , Lynn Mctaggart’s “The Intention Experiment” & Emotional Freedom Technique to amplify your healing.

What kind of problems can be address through Circle of Mindfulness?

If you are dealing with Health Issues, Constant negative thoughts or Difficult Emotions that you wish to resolve, COH is for you.

I have never Meditated before. Can I still participate in this program?

Yes, the process that has been designed is simple yet powerful. We will take you through the process step-by-step. All you need is an Intention to practice for 20mins every day at least for 21 days.

Don’t let another day go by feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Join me on this incredible journey of transformation, and let’s unleash your true potential.

I have been committed to Mindfulness for 12 yrs now and I have seen many lives transform with this powerful process. Imagine the freedom of living life with a sense of peace & harmony, finding joy in every moment, and accomplishing your goals with grace and ease. 

So, if you’re ready to break free from the chains of anxiety and burnout, and step into a life of serenity and productivity, “Finding Calm in Chaos” is your answer.