How to overcome Financial Stress?

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3 Reasons why healing your Financial Stress is the best way to increase your INCOME.

Reason 1

It will help you become clear about your Money Goals.
“Becoming Wealthy”, is subjective. Get specific!

How much MONEY do you want to make by end of Dec, 2021?

Reason 2

When you voice out your Goal, doubts & fears start creeping up. They are right there!

Unless you clear them, you will always be lost in this inner conflict.

Where will you have the energy to actually invest in your goals?

Reason 3

One of the most intimate relationships in your life is the one with MONEY.

How do you feel about money?


Create a healthy relationship with money.

In a secure & positive relationship, it’s hard to “Break-up” and move on, isn’t it?

As a Life Coach, Mindfulness & Tapping Expert, who has been helping clients eliminate doubts and fears that are stopping them from achieving goals, I can tell with conviction that when you clear your resistance to money, you allow abundance to flow in easily.

When you eliminate your doubts and fears about Money,

✅ You can Increase your Income without having to work twice as hard.

✅ You can achieve Financial Freedom, effortlessly

✅ You can have more Financial flow, without sacrificing your health/relationships/peace of mind.

You can become the Money Magnet and become Abundant and all it takes is, systematically and consistently work on your Financial blocks.

So how do you do this?

There are several modalities out there that help you achieve results. My favorite techniques are

1. Budgeting – Track your income & expenses. Become interested in your Finances. When you track your budget, you will be able to identify and plug in your money leaks, and stay committed to your Wealth Goals.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique: – Also known as Tapping, this is a clinically proven technique to eliminate doubts and fears from your body and mind by clearing the resistance from your nervous system. A powerful combination of Acupressure and Talk Therapy, this process helps you let go of negative emotions that are holding you back, accept yourself, and opening yourself to possibilities. It works like magic!

3. Coaching: Your goals are personal to you. So are your doubts and fears. By identifying what’s stopping you from achieving your goals, you can eliminate roadblocks and prepare positive habits that help you.

4. Meditation – Read this and read this again “When you get your Inner game right, you will win the outer game.” Meditation is a powerful way to reprogram your subconscious mind. There are many possibilities out there

5. Vision Board: Visualization is an excellent way to stay inspired and keep you committed to the process of achieving your Financial Freedom. Vision Board will help you create your ideal visual representation of Abundance and keep you motivated through the process.

6. Being part of a Safe & Caring Support Group who cheer each other and be your accountability partner, will help you stay committed to the process.

Hope this helps you to get started on finding Financial Freedom. 🙂

Love & Light