Why I am being taken for granted?

This is why you are not being treated well.

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Why I am being taken for granted?
Why am I not being taken seriously?

Raise your hand if you ever felt this way in your life.

I feel you, my dear! It is an annoying place to be.

It could be your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and sometimes people you absolutely not even connected to.

And then there could be myriad of emotions you go through, understandably!

Do you want to know where this begins?

It begins with you. You read that right!

So, Do you like yourself?

Did you just say “Of course”?


So, I assume, you treat your body with respect and nourish it and not use it as a garbage can eating everything your palate craves.

I assume you value your words so you don’t make empty promises. You stand for what you say.

I assume you appreciate your time so you don’t waste it on things that don’t serve you.

I assume you treat yourself with kindness when you make a mistake and call yourself things like “Stupid’. Worst still, keep judging yourself and tear yourself down in private.

I assume you love your own company so you don’t look for constant distractions. (No, Your phone and laptop are not an extension of your arms.)

I assume you like the way you look so you don’t look for validation from others and desperately hope someone sees just how beautiful you are.



You see, where all this began.

THE RED PILL : Treat yourself the way you would like others to treat you.