Success Stories

Mallika Rao, a radiant Life coach. She is very intuitive and knowledge in a field which throws up unique challenges. She brings in positive changes in the clients she works with.
Vidhushi Rajam Shankar

Master Music Therapist & Author

I’ve had the privilege of being audience to Mallika’s powerful talks. Her ability to hold the audience in awe, all while simplifying the idea of Mindfulness and the crucial part it plays in a Holistic living, left a deep mark on me.
Raj Roshan

Author | Corporate Consultant

Mallika creates amazing vibe making the workshop a place to be. The way she articulates energies everyone. Awesomeness is the word for her. She is an amazing Keynote speaker and encapsulates the theme like poetry.
Sagar Amlani

VP, Fenoplast

I am gifted to have worked with her for an event. She is just amazing and fills the session with energy, enthusiasm and awesomeness. I sincerely recommend her to all the individuals and corporates in my network to plan a session with her and you will see the difference in how you see yourself. We know Mindfulness being the most needed activity of the hour and Mindfulness session with Mallika Rao is the perfect combo you can ever have.

Strategic HR Business Partner

Mallika Rao is one of those people who walks their talk. As a mindfulness expert, her vast body of knowledge and her authority on the subject is commendable. I love the way she effortlessly mixes humour to explain concepts.
Sheila Ram Mohan

When you need solutions you can think of one person who can be of great assistance..and that’s Mallika !!!
She hits the nail giving you clarity for your wandering thoughts.. it’s been a three month journey with her and I loved each moment. She makes the process so pleasant, understands your psyche and builds confidence through her “designed approach” to deal any situations with ease. That’s the beauty of her ☺ She’s a pro at what she does and I wish her loads of happiness and luck for all her endeavours..Love u Mallika �
Purnima Yadati

Co-Founder of Yellow Grains & Director at Quandot Solutions

Mallika exudes positivity and is a very approachable person. She is a thorough professional who makes her client feel at ease and thus makes it possible to pour one’s heart out to her. She not just hears you, she listens. Her empathy comforts you and positive approach to life leads you to happiness.
Neenu Marwah

Teacher, Oakridge International School

Heartfelt gratitude to you Mallika. I count you as my blessing. You have helped me achieve my dream. Awaiting to join more sessions ahead.

Sound Healer

I want to thank you for the lively session. The meditation was very powerful. I simply loved the tools and techniques that were shared in the program. I have been actively using the visualization technique for manifesting my dreams.

Above all, I m gifted to be connected with Mallika, she is full of love & dedication. Love her way to connect with people and help them.
Thank you for being so genuine in everything u do.

Loads of love and gratitude,
Srividhya Swaminathan 🙏🙏

Srividya Swaminathan

Healer & Pranic Healing Teacher

Mallika has a knack of simplifying even the most complicated problems. Her talks on Mindful relationships was liberating. Mallika is gifted and her warm persona and compassion immediately engages you. Most impactful is that she shares practical solutions and not just concepts and perspectives.

Project Manager, IBM

Mallika is a professional coach with a great amount of patience while dealing with her clients. She is a good listener and someone who wishes to help people genuinely with a holistic intent! She is a person with a great positive attitude and balance!
Jitesh Mogli

360 Degrees Fitness Specialist | Human Excellence Coach

Mallika personifies Mindfulness. Her calm, composed and compassionate personality radiates “Zen”.
Priya Singh


Life was strenuous at times and her mindfulness techniques helped in bringing a calm in the chaos and make better decisions. I have learnt mindfulness and meditation techniques from Mallika and I can say without a doubt that she is an Expert. I highly recommend Mallika as she is able to make us see the problems clearly and help us to take steps to solve them.
Ajit Jagannathan

Executive Director at MPF Pvt Ltd

To me a challenge in life is like a jigsaw puzzle thrown on the floor. Malika will help, by identifying each jigsaw piece, how it relates to me and it’s importance, until we have placed all the jigsaw pieces together,at which point my mind is at peace, and I have a clear understanding of where I am, and that I feel I am in a good place.
Malika has many gifts, this is one I have experienced, she has an amazing way, of helping you see things differently, and making you feel calm. Malika will definitely be my wellness coach for life, she is certainly in my life’s toolbox, and I would highly recommend her.
Koula Achilleas

Learning & Development Specialist

Thank You Mallika!
I don’t know if I can thank you enough. You have brought a certain calm in me. Heartfelt Thanks and lots of love!

Communication Skill Trainer

This Mindfulness Bootcamp was an awesome journey with you. Loved your compassion and energy. I aspire to be like you one day. Grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Roli Jain

Life Coach

It was amazing these 13 days were. Loved every session I attended. Thanks a ton Mallika.
Pujitha Majety

Yoga Teacher

The sessions were helpful and changed my though process. Thank you very much.
Anupama Majety