Life does not get better by CHANCE.

Life gets better by CHANGE.

Personal Coaching

Reasons why people approach me for Coaching.

  • They are Stressed and Anxious.
  • They are caught in toxic relationships and want to heal and regain their Self-Esteem.
  • They want to grow in their Career but feeling stuck.
  • They want to create a healthy work-life balance that helps them enjoy life.
  • They want Financial Freedom.
  • They want Happiness & Inner Peace.
  • They want to live a purposeful and meaningful life that is deeply Fulfilling.
  • They want to learn Mindfulness and Meditation to enrich their Spiritual life.

You are Awesome. Step into your power & Shine.
– Mallika Rao

Personal Coaching Program

If you are ready to step into your power and create your best life, I can help you get there with Grace.
The Personal Coaching Program is designed to help you assess the challenges, clarify goals and create an efficient strategy to find your breakthroughs.

In this process you will,

  • Identify Self-sabotaging habits
  • Design your Success Roadmap
  • Create effective Plan of Action.
  • Have an Accountability system that deliver results.

At the end of the Coaching session, you will receive a plan of action with tools and techniques that has been discussed.

Our Methodology

Deeply rooted in Spirituality and widely known for her Practical approach, Mallika’s signature coaching program “ACT” is designed for transformation from inside-out. When you get your inner game right, the outer world will follow the course.

Awareness : Commitment : Transformation

You will be introduced to powerful tools and techniques to get your ACT right and deliver results faster & efficiently.

Take action and make the change.

Excel in your Career

Improve your Financial Life

Enjoy Fulfilling relationships

This sounds like a plan for you?

Success Stories

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