Quiet your Mind and the soul will speak.


Mindfulness Retreat

Relax : Realign : Reboot

The Extraordinary Life Retreat

Experience Inner Peace, Happiness & Fulfilment

The longest journey you will ever travel is the one from your head to your heart.

About your Host

Mallika Rao is an acclaimed Mindfulness & Mediation teacher. A Vipassana and Taichi Practitioner, she is known for her calm, engaging and compassionate nature.

Her approach is a fine blend of ancient eastern wisdom and modern western science.  Mallika has touched thousands of lives through her Keynotes, workshops & Coaching.

Mallika is passionate about helping people find calm in chaos, discover their Inner power and create a life they love.

Success Stories



Strategic HR Business Partner

I am gifted to have worked with her for an event. She is just amazing and fills the session with energy, enthusiasm and awesomeness. I sincerely recommend her to all the individuals and corporates in my network to plan a session with her and you will see the difference in how you see yourself. We know Mindfulness being the most needed activity of the hour and Mindfulness session with Mallika Rao is the perfect combo you can ever have.

Raj Roshan

Raj Roshan

Author | Corporate Consultant

I’ve had the privilege of being audience to Mallika’s powerful talks. Her ability to hold the audience in awe, all while simplifying the idea of Mindfulness and the crucial part it plays in a Holistic living, left a deep mark on me.

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