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Mindfulness Retreat

Learn the Art of Mindfulness to find Calm in chaos, rediscover yourself and reclaim LIFE.

A 3 day immersive session to unwind in the serene greenery of Wayanad, Kerala. Taking a pause to breath in the freshness of nature and rejuvenate so that you can go back with renewed energy and love for life.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Lazer Focus

Research shows continuous Mindfulness & Meditation practices help better Introspection, Attention & Concentration.

Improves Mental Health

Research shows Mindfulness develops resilience, the ability to bounce back from hard times. Meditation improves Positive Emotions, Life Satisfaction & experience effective happiness. 

Improves Productivity

Ever feel like you are loosing the sight of the bigger Picture ? Mindfulness & Meditation helps to step back and get a perspective, Increasing Creativity & Productivity.

Reduces Stress

People live 70% of there lives in stress. Often referred to as “Silent Killer”, Stress adversely effects Immune System, Metabolism and causes Insomnia. Mindfulness & Meditation reduces Stress, Anxiety and depression by 80%.

Improves Social Life

Its proven that Mindfulness boosts Empathy & compassion & inspires Kindness. It reduces Loneliness & Improves Social Connections. Our technique focuses on Gratitude and the Power of thoughts that immediately improves Wellbeing and in the long term removes Limiting beliefs.

Improves Brain Function

Regular Mindfulness & Meditation practice balances both the hemispheres of the brain and thickens Corpus Collusum which connects both sides for better collaboration. It improves Memory, better Decision Making. better Introspection, Attention and Emotional Agility.

Benefits of the Retreat

Untangle your thoughts & Relax in the lap of lush greenery of Wayanad, where the nature is at its beautiful best.

Healthy Ayurveda based Saatvik food to detox and energise

Learn the Art of Mindful Living through the Zen rituals that will help you experience Calm and Inner Peace.

Get out of your head and into your body with Taichi, the moving meditation that is also an excellent way for physical fitness

Mindfulness Retreat is a relaxing experience close to the nature. This 3-day immersion experience will help you experience Inner Peace, find clarity and create an Inspiring Vision for your life. Together with the powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation, this retreat will help you heal and realign with your Life’s purpose

The Retreat fee includes accommodation, Food and study material. 

Success Stories

Vidhushi Rajam Shankar

Vidhushi Rajam Shankar

Master Music Therapist & Author

Mallika Rao, a radiant Life coach. She is very intuitive and knowledge in a field which throws up unique challenges. She brings in positive changes in the clients she works with.
Jitesh Mogli

Jitesh Mogli

360 Degrees Fitness Specialist | Human Excellence Coach

Mallika is a professional coach with a great amount of patience while dealing with her clients. She is a good listener and someone who wishes to help people genuinely with a holistic intent! She is a person with a great positive attitude and balance!