Stop underestimating yourself. You have the power to build an empire.

Extraordinary Life Retreat

Are you ready to experience Inner Peace, Happiness & Fulfilment?

Take a break from life’s fast lane to relook at your life, identify the road blocks, create a compelling Vision and a powerful plan to make achieve goals in 10 different areas of life.

This 5 day immersive experience will help you consciously create a life that you love, step-by-step, using proven techniques.

Become crystal clear about what you want in all 10 areas of your life and create an Inspiring Vision to help you focus your energies where they matter and consciously create a life you love.

Success Stories



Project Manager, IBM

Mallika has a knack of simplifying even the most complicated problems. Her talks on Mindful relationships was liberating. Mallika is gifted and her warm persona and compassion immediately engages you. Most impactful is that she shares practical solutions and not just concepts and perspectives.

Priya Singh

Priya Singh

VP Fenoplast

Mallika personifies Mindfulness. Her calm, composed and compassionate personality radiates “Zen”.