Mallika Rao is a Mindfulness speaker & workshop facilitator based out of India. A Vipassana and Tai Chi practitioner, Mallika brings over 16 yrs of learning & experience in holistic wellness. A fascinating blend of ancient Eastern wisdom and modern western science, her signature approach to Mindfulness helps audience control negative thoughts, reduce stress & anxiety.

Through her Keynotes, Coaching & Workshops, Mallika has touched over 8000 lives.

In her insightful & engaging keynotes, participants learn how to find calm in chaos, improve focus, develop resilience and experience Happiness.

Keynotes and Workshops can be custom created depending on Client’s requirement.

Your mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it is hard to see;
When it is calm, everything becomes clear.​

Topics Mallika speaks on include

The Mindful way for Work-Life balance

Studies show that when we lose work life balance, everyone suffers the consequences. From health,
relationships, Emotional wellness to Financial stability, everything takes a hit. Learn the art of Mindfulness to help you strike that perfect balance without stressing out.

Three principles of Mindful Leadership

With all the near-term pressures of the uncertain times, Leadership could be a challenging space to perform. Mindful Leadership is a simple, methodical process of being the Leader, effortlessly.

The Truth about Success

Success is more in demand than ever. With the growing pressure of being Successful, there is burnout, Health problems, Relationship issues and more. Learn how to be Successful without having to sacrifice your health or relationships.

Meditation for High Performers

Science has proven that Meditation gives you 4 times more deep rest than sleep. It improves decision making skills, creativity, efficiency and productivity. In this process you will learn the Meditation technique that works best for high-achievers.

Five keys to Mindful Relationships

We are social beings and relationships are an integral part of our life. Learn the principles of Mindfulness to enjoy harmonious relationships that are deeply fulfilling.

Art of Resilience

There will always be Ups and Downs in your life, what matters is how quickly you can pick yourself up and move on. Learn the simple steps to develop resilience and how to stay grounded in harsh times.

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Success Stories

Sheila Ram Mohan

Sheila Ram Mohan

Master Spirit Life Coach | Author

Mallika Rao is one of those people who walks their talk. As a mindfulness expert, her vast body of knowledge and her authority on the subject is commendable. I love the way she effortlessly mixes humour to explain concepts.
Sagar Amlani

Sagar Amlani

VP Fenoplast | Speaker

Mallika creates amazing vibe making the workshop a place to be. The way she articulates energies everyone. Awesomeness is the word for her. She is an amazing Keynote speaker and encapsulates the theme like poetry.