Giving Back

Project Annapurna

A peaceful world cannot be built on an empty stomach

While we all are blessed with abundance, there are people who are not sure if they would get their next meal. While our children are sometimes spoilt with choice, there are children out there who sleep hungry. Worst still, there are dying of hunger.

We cook food for our families with so much love and affection everyday. They are blessed, so are we! At Project Annapurna, we urge you to share your blessings and spend sometime every week to cook or put a nutritious meal together for those who do not have that privilege. Even if it means feeding just one person. Let us step forward to feed those who do not have that privilege – not the leftovers, not as an after-thought, but with conscious effort as Intentional

At Project Annapurna we have our volunteers who make wholesome- meals and serve at Orphanages, Old-age homes, Slums etc.. So far we have fed over 70000 meals and earned more smiles than we could count.

Tea Cares Foundation

The TEA Cares initiative began in 2007 with the purpose of informing TEA members about a range of non-profit organisations that offer opportunities for charitable giving and volunteer services. In 2010 the TEA Cares Foundation was established. TEA Cares has vetted each organisation it supports to determine the authenticity and suitability for our volunteers to contribute their time.

Food Bank Hyderabad

Since the basic idea is to serve home cooked meals every week, some simple dish is made at homes. It could be a multi vegetable sambar rice, vegetable rice, variety rice, biscuits (for the children) poha, fruits, idlis and dosais. This is packed in an easy to give containers (aluminum foil, plastic containers, plantain leaves). The food is assembled in the locality and distributed to the homeless. The core team drives in and around the streets to makes sure it reaches only the needy and the homeless and at Government hospitals.